A Little About Me

My name is Paige Barnett and I help medical and wellness professionals increase their income by showing them step by step how start their own businesses and how get clients.

I strive to help my clients achieve their goals and desired income. I believe that great work comes from building great relationships. I love working with people in the wellness field and help them as they are helping others. 


On a Personal Note

I love what I do and that I help make a difference in my clients lives. I also love Traveling! While my business often keeps me inside, I also love outdoors adventures like camping, rock climbing and caving.

Currently I am traveling with my husband Jason for his job.  He is a Radiologic Technologist working for a temporary staffing agency. We started this journey in February 2019. We originally lived in Chattanooga Tennessee but now about every 3-9 months we go to a new location. One of the many nice things about owning my own business is that I can do it from anywhere! (as long as I have a good wifi connection)

We have seen so many amazing places and I can't wait to see where we go next!

I also like  playing the violin, being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket while reading a good book, and playing with animals.  I LOVE baby goats and am pretty obsessed with them.  They are adorable and make me smile every time.

Kind Words From My Clients

“In addition to being technically and creatively solid,Paige proved herself by being attentive to my design needs, creatively astute in her ability to provide me with options beyond the scope of my imagination, and timely in her response to the point where it almost felt like she was working right alongside me.
She enjoys what she does and it shows. Enjoy the experience of working with her. I sure did." 


— Dr. Lisa Summerour | Career & Life Coach | Speaker | Author 

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