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The nature nook is a health food store located in the Casey Count Discount Marketplace. The mission at the heart of the Nature Nook is to provide and maintain a full line of wholesome, high quality, natural vitamin and mineral supplements, essential oils, homeopathic preparations, tried and true folk remedies.  


The Nature Nook also maintains two full lines of pure Essential Oils. NOW brand and Nature’s Oils are premium grade pure essential oils.  Their selection of diffusers and essential oil accessories complements this selection as well of a superior line of CBD oils and products. 


Also included in the Nature Nook are natural and fragrance free soaps, shampoos, bath salts, deodorants and green cleaning products.  They carry full lines of Burt’s Bees, Amish Origins, Amish Acres and Honey Guy products as well as an extensive selection of Allergy Friendly and Gluten Free foods.


The Nature Nook is invested in the health and wellness of the community we serve.  Their mission is to promote balance and harmony in an accessible venue at affordable prices.

Nature Nook Logo 2018.png


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