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A pretty website will NOT get you more clients

I will say it again, A pretty website will NOT get you more clients, In fact you don’t “need” a website to get clients. Yes, you read that correctly. It sounds crazy, especially coming from someone who builds them, and a few years ago I would have told myself to bite my tongue for even thinking of saying such a thing, but it's true.

We have been told for years that if you have a beautiful professional website. They will search and you will come up. We spend all of the energy and money building a site. Then we wait, nothing happens. So we think it needs to be re-designed. We look at the competition and change it again.

How is that working for you? I can tell you I did that for 8 years, over and over again. Same results. Friends and family and a few colleagues tell you it’s great, you may get one person here and there but not what you were wanting.

Now don’t get me wrong, obviously I have a website, you are on it right now. I think it is a helpful tool but I don’t use it to get my clients. I use it so when I interact with people I can direct them to the site to: A. To show further proof and to back up that I am who I say I am B. Create a clear call to action to get the people I talk with to book calls with me.

C. provide value and information to my current clients and followers. That’s it.

The point is that having a pretty website won’t get you clients if it's not saying the right thing. I personally love beautiful things, I love picking out colors and fonts and laying out a beautiful brand and site. What is hard is taking the time to really nail down my message and offer. Lets face it, it’s boring and a LOT of work. You second guess yourself 100 times and then just give up, find what someone else wrote and tweak it. Then we go back to the pretty design that makes us happy. That doesn't work. It doesn't get results.

You need a clear statement of: who you help, what problem you help them solve and what results you can give them. You need to make someone think that you created your whole statement and business just for them.

I write this because I have seen this come up so many times in the group over the past few weeks. We also need to be careful of the words we use to create our offer statement.

As business owners we often fall into using terms that our industry uses, but that our audience might not actually be familiar with. Our clients don’t always get those, in fact they rarely do.

So think about your business. Obviously those of us who are in the wellness space want to help people, but we often miss out on helping those people because we don't know how to talk to them. Bring up a problem you solve, and short and clear statement the steps you take to get them there and if you have proven results add those in too.

Once you have that down THEN put it on your website front and center. Trust me it makes a difference. It also makes you more confident when talking to people because you know without a doubt how you can change their life and you actually know how to tell them.

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