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You don’t need to be on every social media platform to have a successful business.

I know we often hear the opposite or at least I was told I needed to be active on as many as I could. We are told to set up all the accounts, create tons of content for each of them, get followers and eventually get clients.

Everyone (especially the social media companies that benefit from it) tell us to spend as much time as we can on these sites. We are told that if we don't get on as many as possible our business will not succeed. We then get stretched thin trying to balance all of them, and end up burning out and not getting any results.

Does anyone else get stressed and overwhelmed about social media or is it just me? I mean do you know how many there are? It’s insane. I put icons of the ones I could think of, but I need to message my teenage sister to figure out what the latest one is because I am sure I am behind lol.

I have found that being on every site actually doesn't work to efficiently build my business.

I am NOT saying to ditch all social media. It is a fantastic tool and I wouldn't be able to run my business without it. However I think we go overboard.

What I recommend is picking 1, maybe 2 sites to focus on. The way to do this is not just to pick sites you like using, but pick sites that your potential clients hang out on.

For example I LOVE instagram, but I found that no matter what I did, it did not work for me. I would get followers likes, but no clients. I am not saying there are no clients for me on Instagram but it’s not worth spending the time (FOR ME, Instagram may be the place for you). Facebook however, is where I connect with the most people easily, people who are interested and engaged and who want to work with me.

Now the platform you need to be on may be different than mine. (Please keep in mind the suggestions I am about so share have not been tested for these client types but are places I think could match up well)

Think about who you want to reach. For example:

• If you want to be in the corporate wellness space and work with businesses on improving the health and wellbeing of their employees, try LinkedIn.

• If you are trying to help teenagers who struggle with depression and mental health, try TickTock.

• if you are trying to reach out to middle aged women who are trying to take better care of their physical health through nutrition, try Facebook.

(There are so many others but this post is getting long)

Now you may notice that I have social media accounts on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Ticktock, Youtube, Pinterest and probably others that I forgot about. However I built them a while ago and I don’t really focus on any of them but 1. I focus on building relationships and connecting with people on Facebook, and then if I think about it, I might share a post that did well on another site or two, but I don’t let it take up my time or mental space.

So what can you eliminate from your social to-do list? Do some experimenting, testing and try cutting down the sites you use. You will find a lot of the stress and pressure goes away and you can have more time to make genuine connections and focus on something more important in your business.

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