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I help wellness professionals who are overwhelmed with marketing simplify their process & increase their income by showing them step by step how to get clients.

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you "HAVE" to do to successfully run your own wellness business online? 
Are you tired of hearing a thousand people telling you a massive list of things you 
have to do to be successful? Do you want to help others with your wellness business but you are not sure what your messaging should be or how to get clients and be found online?

Paige Barnett is a wellness business consultant. Her focus is centered around helping medical and wellness professionals by using simple steps to supplement their income and start their own business by helping them create a powerful yet simple offer statement, build a sales page to sell and promote their offer. Then she shows them how and where to find people on social media and turn them into clients

If you're interested in getting more clients and more online traffic quickly and profitably, click the button below to book a time to chat!

Kind Words From My Clients


“In addition to being technically and creatively solid,Paige proved herself by being attentive to my design needs, creatively astute in her ability to provide me with options beyond the scope of my imagination, and timely in her response to the point where it almost felt like she was working right alongside me.
She enjoys what she does and it shows. Enjoy the experience of working with her. I sure did." 


— Dr. Lisa Summerour | Career & Life Coach | Speaker | Author 

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